My design ethos is to make beautiful products that last a long time. I design for function, beauty and purpose. These products will fit all you need and nothing else. Products that you will want to marry, not just date.

I believe in sustainable design through use, or in other words developing a lifelong relationship with your object. I want to be able to give you something that you can hand down, something that changes with you, an object with a story.


The wallets are manually sewn with nylon bonded polymer thread on an '87 Singer. Threads are carefully cut back and stress points are triple stitched. The highest quality fittings are used for all products - always. The Native range is designed to be nested and cut, this means offcuts are limited to a small handful of scraps (that we use for packging!)


Kangaroo Leather has been used to create the Native range. This material is as much of a challenge as it is valuable. Our 1st grade premium roo hides are a sustainable alternative to other leathers. Sourced from wild kangaroos, our hides are exceptionally strong and light.

Our products are designed to wear and improve with age. They will last a really long time.

- Spencer